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CrysCam UV Imaging System


Pack Size: Each

The CrysCam UV automatically scans plates capturing visual, UV and fluorescent images. The instrument reads and captures all of your protein crystallisation images in visual light and/or UV light.

- View both visual and UV image for a specific well at the same time. 

- 3.5x to 20x optical zoom. 

- Powered focus and zoom through the software; image stays focused when zooming.

- Flag and score wells of interest easily with PC-based software.

- View individual wells with or without a polariser.

- Users can input any SBS plate format. Larger sizes plates can also be accommodated such as Linbro plates.

- Capture crystal images in nano size drop. 

Consumables for the CrysCam UV Imaging System are also available. Please contact us using the Ask Product Manager form below for assistance.

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