Technical Tip 5

Tired of disappearing marker pens? Tape them under your workbench. Better yet, tape only the lid so that you can easily pull the marker off and slip it back to its hiding place once you’re done. 

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Technical Tip 4

If you are setting up multiple PCR reactions in a 96-well plate, the easiest way to keep track when dispensing cDNA is to match the layout of the plate with the layout of your pipette tips. No more panicking if you have forgotten which wells already have cDNA!

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Technical Tip 3

What do you do during a 1-2 minute spin? Do you look through the protocol, and then line up all the tubes/reagents you'll need for the next immediate step? Do you set your pipettes to the right volumes while waiting?

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Technical Tip 2

What do you do if you are unable to resuspend a pellet no matter how long you vortex it?
Try dragging the tube along tube racks. Movement of the tube over the holes in the rack can help break that pellet.

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Technical Tip 1

When pouring agarose gels, ensure that the casting unit is leak-free by lining it with agarose and allowing it to set before pouring the remainder of the agarose mixture that is just hot to the touch (approx. 50-60ºC).

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