GeneWorks Awarded $1.38 Million Federal Government CRC-P Grant

GeneWorks Awarded $1.38 Million Federal Government CRC-P Grant

Australian-owned Biotech company GeneWorks Pty Ltd has been awarded a $1.38 million Cooperative Research Centre Project (CRC-P) Programme grant to develop and manufacture rapid, field deployable diagnostic kits for pathogens and pests of interest to the Biosecurity, Agricultural and Defence industries.


GeneWorks Pty Ltd, headquartered in Adelaide with an office in Melbourne, has been servicing the scientific research community for over three decades. Once best known for radio-nucleotide and oligonucleotide production, GeneWorks Pty Ltd has constantly been on the forefront of pioneering new services and products to meet the ever-changing needs of researchers, including being the first commercial next-generation sequencing provider in Australia.


This grant will assist GeneWorks Pty Ltd to reach new frontiers in developing rapid in-field molecular diagnostic kits for the detection of plant, animal and environmental pathogens and pests. This technology will be used by biosecurity officers, chief veterinary officers and even end-producers to protect Australia’s agricultural industry.


GeneWorks’ Director Arran Greenhalgh said “We are honoured to have been awarded this grant and I am extremely excited about the prospect of working with leading Agricultural researchers to provide such a critical tool in field-based diagnostics”.


Head Scientist Dr. Nandor Roczo said “We are thrilled to have secured this funding from the CRC-P which will enable us to produce a truly turn-key solution to field based molecular diagnostics”.


This grant has been awarded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and supports the close collaboration of GeneWorks Pty Ltd with its research partners, La Trobe University, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and Bio2Lab.


For more information on GeneWorks Pty Ltd and this CRC-P Programme grant, please contact Arran Greenhalgh on +61 418 813 376 or


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