Learn more about how GeneWorks is expanding business to better serve the Australian and New Zealand research community.

GeneWorks evolves under new ownership

GeneWorks is thriving and excited about science. We are an Australian-owned biotechnology company supporting Australian and New Zealand researchers at the forefront of emerging science. New ownership has inspired change in how we do business, meaning we offer support for a much wider range of research capabilities. GeneWorks specialises in its own molecular products and the distribution of cutting-edge instruments, kits, reagents and software. We offer services in biomarker validation, bioinformatics and in-field DNA pathogen testing.

GeneWorks is under new Australian ownership
GeneWorks sold its oligonucleotide manufacturing arm in 2017. Arran Greenhalgh acquired the company in 2018 and is focused on expanding its products, distribution arm and services to meet researchers’ needs. Arran is a former employee of GeneWorks, keeping the customer service and culture local, and most importantly, keeping the business Australian-owned and operated. We are headquartered in Adelaide, with a new office in Melbourne.

Our focus is shifting to meet diverse research needs
GeneWorks offers unique technologies from world-leading suppliers:

Biomarker validation
GeneWorks proudly offers access to the unparalleled sensitivity of Quanterix’ Single Molecule Array (Simoa) Technology. Our Adelaide-based Biomarker Lab is a fee-for-service research centre providing biomarker analysis with the full range of single and multiplex Simoa assays, custom assay development and clinical sample testing. Samples are analysed using the fully automated HD-1, ensuring the data are reproducible while minimising CVs across large sample cohorts and multiple experiments.

In-field diagnostics
GeneWorks is working closely with several leading institutes, government authorities and biosecurity agencies to design and implement field-deployable, stable and intuitive pathogen tests. We provide services empowering customers to rapidly deploy solutions enabling detection and monitoring of diseases.

GeneWorks brings innovative technology to Australia and New Zealand, helping scientists to achieve their research goals. Stop by our new website and follow us on LinkedIn for further insights into how we are expanding business to serve the research community.