Is the pricing I see exactly what I will pay?

Not necessarily. Currently our site does not account for any customer-specific pricing including any special freight arrangements. The price displayed may therefore be different than the price to appears on your invoice. Also, the freight charge shown does not account for additional delivery fees that may apply for certain products such as items shipped on Dry Ice, or Dangerous Goods. Shipping charges to New Zealand depend on the items being ordered and are quoted separately. Please contact us for a quotation.

What Credit Cards does GeneWorks accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

What freight charges apply?

GeneWorks charges for handling, packing and freight as follows:

WA, VIC, NSW, ACT, NT, QLD, NSW - $40.00 ex GST.

SA - $20.00 ex GST.

All orders that total $1500.00 ex GST and above will be shipped F.I.S., with the exception of items where special freight has been quoted

Additional charges.  $15.00 ex GSTwill be added for shipments of products on Dry Ice. Additional charges may apply for processing and shipping of heavy or sensitive items and Dangerous Goods. These additional charges do not appear in the Shopping Cart or on Order Confirmation emails.

When do GeneWorks send out products that require Dry Ice or Wet Ice for shipping?

GeneWorks send out Australia-wide Monday to Wednesday.  Thursday for Melbourne/Geelong only.

Alternative arrangements can be made at customer request but these will be at the customer's risk.

How to I register for web ordering?

The process is very simple. The ‘Register’ button on the Home page leads you to the registration page where you provide your contact and delivery details. In doing this please check with your Laboratory Manager or Purchasing Officer that the Department/institution, and Invoice and Delivery address details are correct, as variations can lead to delivery delays. Also make sure your e-mail address is correct – as this will be used for sending e-mail order confirmations.

All registered customers can order both Custom Oligos and all other products displayed on the GeneWorks web site. Please note that orders for Custom Oligos are treated separately from orders for other products.

The ordering process is a standard one – accumulate goods in shopping cart – review price - edit as required – purchase with Purchase Order number or Credit Card.

I am on the web site but I cannot see pricing. Why not?

Pricing is only available to registered customers who have logged in to the site.

What is your Dangerous Goods shipping fee?

This is usually $90.00 in addition to the normal delivery fee.

When will my goods be delivered?

If we have the goods in stock, they’ll normally be shipped from Adelaide the same or next day. The exception to this is for products shipped on dry ice; for some destinations we avoid shipping such products late in the week to make sure they arrive before the weekend.

If the ordered products are not in stock, goods must be delivered from the supplier and this can take up to 4 weeks. Please contact us for an estimate of when you will receive your goods.

Is web ordering secure?

The GeneWorks site uses up-to-date Secure Socket Layer encryption technology to protect your credit card details being accessed by unauthorised parties.

Confirmation e-mails do not contain Credit Card details.

Do Credit Card transactions happen in real time?

No. The GeneWorks site is specially designed to accommodate adjustment of the amount deducted from your credit card at the time of invoicing. In this way, we make sure that the amount deducted corresponds to the amount shown on the invoice, eg make sure any special pricing is applied. It also allows us to delay payments for goods affected by supply delays.

Can I see past orders?

Yes, registered customers can access the details of past orders made on this site via ‘Order History’ and re-order if required.

Please note however that order history prior to 27 June 2006 was not transferred during the move to our new website. Please contact us if you require information about past orders.

Do I get a confirmation of my order?

Yes, an immediate e-mail confirmation of your order is sent to your nominated e-mail address(es). Depending on your e-mail server this would usually arrive with you in less than five minutes. If you do not receive a confirmation please first check your e-mail address is correct, and if so contact us to investigate. Do NOT try and resend the order as this will probably result in order duplication.

The GeneWorks site allows the option (on the Registration page) of a second copy of the e-mail confirmation to be sent to a nominated second party (eg Purchasing Officer).

I have made an error in my order and want to change it.

If this situation should arise, please call GeneWorks as soon as possible. Products are normally dispatched the same day or next working day.

Can I check / change my registration details?

Yes. This can easily be done via the ‘Edit profile’ button once logged in. You can change addresses, contact details and e-mail addresses. Please note that only the account holder can edit their profile. GeneWorks does not have the right to do this.

When placing a Web order do I need to complete both the Purchase Order number section AND the Credit Card details section?

No – these are mutually exclusive. If you have been given a Purchase Order number then complete ONLY this section. If you are using a Credit Card then complete only the Credit Card section.

How do I obtain a Purchase Order number?

A Purchase Order number is obtained from your Purchasing Officer prior to placing the order. This number is not something that GeneWorks can supply. The Purchase Order number is referenced on our invoice for use by your Accounts department. A Requisition number is a customer-internal reference and cannot be used by GeneWorks.

How are invoices sent?

Invoices are shipped with the goods (attached to the package) unless otherwise requested.

Does GeneWorks have a Quality Management System?

Yes. GeneWorks Pty Ltd Quality Management system, which involves our entire Australian operation, is designed around continual improvement in response to customer feedback and internal and third party monitoring of Quality system performance. We encourage and monitor customer comments about our service. For further information please contact customerservice@geneworks.com.au.

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