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Midori Green Direct (1 ml)

Product Code: NGE-MG06

Pack Size: 1 ml

MIDORIGreen Direct is a safe alternative to ethidium bromide for visualisation of double-stranded DNA, single-stranded DNA, and RNA in agarose gels. In contrast to most other non-ethidium bromide based dyes, MIDORIGreen Direct stains are provided in a form of 10X sample loading dye and are to be added to your samples only. As such, any other loading dye to both gel matrix and running buffers will be unnecessary.


-Direct Staining of DNA/RNA

-No toxicity, non-carcinogenic

-Safe alternative of Ethidium Bromide

-Loading Dye is included

-Very low Background Direct staining of the DNA rather than the gel eliminates the background staining providing a clear signal.


MIDORIGreen Direct was developed to work with Blue/Green Light LED illuminators, but a UV transilluminator can be used as well. MIDORIGreen Direct was subjected to multiple safety tests including the Ames test, acute oral toxicity test, and latex and nitrile gloves penetration test, and have been shown to be safe. It is non-carcinogenic and less mutagenic compared to ethidium bromide. Furthermore. It is classified as non-hazardous to aquatic life, under CCR Title 22 regulation. Thus, small amounts of MIDORIGreen Direct stain can be safely released into the environment.

It is well known that many dyes, such as ethidium bromide and SYBR Green are strong enzyme inhibitors due to their intercalating properties. In contrast, MIDORIGreen dyes bind to the DNA backbone. This results in a much higher efficiency for downstream applications, i.e. cloning, seqeuncing, PCR, etc.

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