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Product Code: NAM-NI004

Pack Size: 1 unit

The Fastest Way to a Single Cell

Namocell has combined the benefits of three key technologies: flow cytometry, microfluidics and liquid dispensing. The combination of these techniques is unique and enables users to accomplish single cell sorting and dispensing in one step, providing fast, efficient and gentle isolation of single cells. Namo and Hana Single Cell Dispensers are capable of isolating single cells in a high throughput manner that is still gentle on cells so that they can maintain their viability. It is easy to operate and requires no prior experience or training with flow cytometry.

Effortless single cell sorting and dispensing on your benchtop for:

- Single Cell Genomics

- Cell Line Development


- Monoclonal Antibody/Protein Production

- Rare Cell Isolation

- Synthetic Biology

Hana is a fluorescence-enabled microfluidic system that enables sorting and dispensing at your own benchtop. Two modes, single sorting mode and enrichment sorting mode, are fast and easy to use with cell-friendly handling.

- Single sorting mode dispenses single cells per well.

- Enrichment mode results in an enrichment of a rare cell population from a high density sample.

Unique Microfluidic Cell Cartridge allows for:

- Low flow pressure preserves cell viability

- Sorting and dispensing in a single step prevents aerosol formation

- No cross-contamination

Hana Specifications:

Laser wavelength: 488 nm

Detection channels: FSC+SSC, FL1 533 nm (FITC/GFP) and FL2 585 nm (PE/PI)

Sorting pressure: Less than 2 psi

Dispensing volume: 1 µl

Dispensing format: 96-well or 384-well plate

Max. cartridge sample volume: 750 µl

Dimensions: 22 lbs, 19 in. x 14 in. x 8 in.

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