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FastGene FAS-V Geldoc System

Product Code: NGE-GP-FAS-V

Pack Size: 1

The FastGene Blue/Green LED technology enables the detection of red dyes, such as Ethidium Bromide and of our next generation green dyes Midori Green. Both dyes can be visualided using the amber filter on top of the unit.

Illumination: All three light sources can be activated and deactivated by the 10.4" touchscreen.

1. Blue/Green LED Transilluminator - Blue/Green LED technology enables the detection of red and green DNA dyes. The FastGene FAS-V has the biggest Blue/Green LED Transilluminator yet. The huge imaging area is 26cm x 21cm big and has a superb uniform transillumination. This is guaranteed by 12 LED arrays at each side.

2. The detection of protein is possible due to the very large white LED table (26 cm x 21 cm).

3. The documentation of membranes and Petri dishes is done by switching on the room light LED. Two perfectly placed LED arrays illuminate the whole imaging box. Black or white background can be chosen to increase or decrease the contrast.

Images are saved in the established JPEG and TIFF format, allowing you to use any imaging program to review your image. Additionally, the images can be saved in PNG and BMP format as well. The exposure time and Gain can be adjusted slide function or by directly adding the desired value. The FastGene FAS-V will not only take 1 picture but 6 simultaneously using different exposure times. The exposure time of the sensor can be set from 0.001 sec up to 30 sec. The very short exposure guarantees that even the brightest DNA band will be still within the dynamic range. Exposing the sensor for up to 30 sec will enable the detection even of the faintest bands.

The FastGene FAS-V has a big CCD-Sensor, made in Japan, with a diameter of 1/1.8“. The files can be stored in the 16 GB internal SSD storage or on a USB-stick. The lens of the FastGene FAS-V is parfocal, as most microscopic lenses and prefocused on the imaging area. This enables you to zoom in to the area of interest without having to readjust the focus.

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