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GeneWorks has carefully selected technologies from world-leading suppliers to add to our own manufactured items. Many are uniquely designed with specific applications in mind. Our Products are chosen for their high performance, reliability and value for money.

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  • Molecular Biology

    Molecular Biology

    Our range of molecular biology products includes novel solutions for DNA and RNA target detection including LAMP isothermal amplification and PCR, sequencing and genotyping applications and exosome-related research. We also provide a range of reagents, kits and instruments for both low and high throughput DNA and RNA sample preparation and analysis.

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  • Cell Biology

    Cell Biology

    Our niche products for cell biology research include a range of specialist culture media and growth factors and cytokines in standard or PODS slow release format. GeneWorks also offers solutions for exosome and macrovesicle isolation and analysis. Recent additions include SIMOA extreme sensitivity digital ELISA systems for cytokine and biomarker detection.

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  • Agricultural Genomics

    Agricultural Genomics

    GeneWorks has a strong focus on agricultural molecular applications, specialising in novel technologies for sample preparation and testing. We provide reagent and automation solutions for high to extreme throughput genotyping to support plant and animal breeding programs. GeneWorks also supplies field-optimised technologies for rapid detection of animal and plant pathogens.

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  • Protein Analysis

    Protein Analysis

    From electrophoresis to advanced systems for protein crystallography, GeneWorks has a range of high performance speciality reagents, consumables and instrumentation to help in your protein and structural biology studies. We also support a range of technologies for detection of proteins by immunoassay or enzymatic methods.

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  • Instrumentation


    GeneWorks offers a broad range of equipment solutions, from inexpensive manual pipettes through to advanced robotic solutions for laboratory automation. All our lines of instruments are chosen for quality, value for money and reliability. Our range includes unique and innovative solutions both for general and specific application requirements.

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