GeneWorks has been servicing the scientific research community for over three decades and has constantly been on the forefront of pioneering new services and products to meet the ever-changing needs of researchers. We offer support for a wide range of research capabilities including protein biomarker validation using the unparalleled Quanterix Single Molecule Array (Simoa) Technology; custom kit development for in-field DNA pathogen testing; and SNP genotyping through our partner, LGC Genomics (Biosearch Technologies).

We hope our innovative technologies can help scientists in Australia and New Zealand achieve their research goals.


  • Biomarker Validation

    Biomarker Validation

    The Quanterix Simoa Accelerator Lab is a fee for service biomarker research centre providing a range of services including biomarker analysis with the full range of single and multiplex Simoa Assays, custom assay development and clinical sample testing.

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  • Rapid test kits

    Rapid test kits

    GeneWorks offers a truly turn-key solution to field based molecular diagnostics. We develop and manufacture custom, rapid, field deployable diagnostic kits for pathogens and pests. Off-the-shelf kits are also available for detection of common pathogens and pests.

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  • Genotyping


    GeneWorks provides a comprehensive range of services including DNA extraction, SNP genotyping, and targeted genotyping by sequencing (GBS). For customers using microsatellite assays, we also offer a service to covert SSRs to SNP-based assays.

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