GeneWorks is proud to represent companies who manufacture products of the highest calibre. From nucleic-acid extraction to genotyping, loop-mediated amplification (LAMP) to PCR, we can cater to all requirements. GeneWorks also has many products in the area of structural biology and protein crystallography. From automated (robotic) liquid handling for vapour diffusion crystallography and lipidic-cubic phase (LCP) to screen building and miniaturisation of reagents for ELISA and PCR, we have the liquid handler to suit your needs.


GeneWorks provides a comprehensive range of services including DNA extraction, SNP genotyping, and targeted genotyping by sequencing (GBS). For customers using microsatellite assays, we also offer a service to covert SSRs to SNP-based assays.

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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

GeneWorks’ long-standing relationship with multiple next-generation sequencing providers will ensure the best choice of provider for your particular sequencing project at the most competitive price. With many years of experience in managing NGS projects ranging from human health and disease research

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Biomarker Validation

The Quanterix Simoa Accelerator Lab is a fee for service biomarker research centre providing a range of services including biomarker analysis with the full range of single and multiplex Simoa Assays, custom assay development and clinical sample testing.

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GeneWorks has delivered bioinformatics projects in a wide range of fields of research. From human health to agricultural projects in many model organisms to livestock. We can customise the level of bioinformatics support that is right for your individual project.

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