All-Inclusive Extraction and Genotyping

Through GeneWorks’ partner LGC, the all-inclusive DNA extraction and KASP genotyping service offering includes KASP Genotyping assay design, DNA extraction and KASP genotyping services. For plant samples a convenient plant sample collection kit is also included.     

LGC's complete service package is available for the following industries:

  • Plant
  • Livestock
  • Aquaculture


SeqSNP – Targeted Genotyping by Sequencing

SeqSNP is the targeted genotyping by sequencing service from LGC that accelerates plant and animal breeding programmes. Screen hundreds to 10,000+ markers while still being cost-effective on an industrial scale.

SeqSNP is highly suited to the following key breeding applications:

  • Genomic selection / genomic prediction
  • Marker assisted selection / breeding (MAS/MAB)
  • Marker assisted back crossing (MABC)
  • QTL screening
  • Trait mapping


Microsatellite Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR) conversion service

The new convenient microsatellite to KASP SNP marker conversion service combines LGC’s proprietary DNA extraction technology with state of the art NGS techniques, KASP assay design and genotyping into a convenient service for converting microsatellite markers (SSRs or STRs) into robust and cost efficient KASP SNP markers.

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