SciGene is a privately held company founded in 2003 following the acquisition of genomics and drug discovery research product lines from Robbins Scientific. SciGene provides an integrated suite of instruments that use process control, automation, and protocol optimization to reduce microarray data errors, enabling researchers to more quickly and reliably obtain meaningful results.

Most recently, SciGene introduced the NoZone™ TL Workspace, a new benchtop system for maintaining an ozone safe environment when operating microarray scanning and processing equipment.

Other instruments include the BriteSpot™ Workstation and the Little Dipper Microarray Processor. The BriteSpot Workstation processes arrays in an ozone-safe environment which eliminates the affect of this air pollutant as a source of array data variability.

The Little Dipper™ Microarray Processor is a robotic instrument that automates the entire washing and drying process of up to 24 microarrays. The system eliminates multiple sources of process variation that can degrade the quality of microarray data.

Other products sold by SciGene include the popular line of rotating ovens for performing microarray hybridizations, FlexChem Chemical Synthesis Systems for high throughput, parallel synthesis of compounds used in drug discovery, Gemini Dual Shaking Waterbaths used in a variety of DNA based diagnostic and research applications.

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