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Bulldog Bio is a top-tier provider of laboratory products for the Life Science researcher. They provide efficient and friendly service for an eclectic range of hard-to-find scientific products.

One of their main products is the fast acting AcquaStain Protein dye, which acts like Coomassie Blue, only simpler! This novel product doesn’t require pre- or post-treatment of the gel. Just run your protein gel, add the stain, and watch your bands appear in several seconds—no destaining required. AcquaStain also contains no harmful chemicals or acids, so it’s much safer than other dyes. It can even be disposed of in the sink after staining! Unlike many other stains, AcquaStain is a water-based product, which means that it causes no observable shrinkage or wrinkling of the gel. Better yet, unlike methanol-based stains, proteins isolated from AcquaStain treated gels are 100% compatible with mass spectrometry analysis.

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