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Genie III

Genie III is a compact, lightweight and robust instrument suitable for LAMP testing in the field or laboratory. It was specifically designed to run isothermal amplification methods that employ detection by fluorescence measurement. The instrument boasts low power requirements and includes a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery.



LAMP isothermal master mix

OptiGene’s Isothermal Mastermixes allow real-time fluorescence detection of amplified DNA and RNA on the Genie platforms. The mix is an optimised Master Mix designed to simplify the preparation of a LAMP assay and contains a proprietary fast, novel DNA polymerase, optimised reaction buffer, Mg2SO4 and dNTPs.



Simoa HD-X

Quanterix’ Single Molecule Array (Simoa) technology digitises ELISA on a fully automated platform (HD-X) and offers unparalleled sensitivity enabling the detection of biomarkers of neurotrauma/TBI and neurodegenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s, in blood. 



Midori Green DNA stain

MIDORIGreen is a safe alternative to Ethidium Bromide. It is a non-carcinogenic and less mutagenic dye for detecting DNA and RNA in agarose gels with very high sensitivity. It can be used both for in-gel and post-staining. MIDORIGreen can be visualised using UV light or the innovative Blue/Green LED technology.



Kube plate sealer

The Kube is LGC's fully automated, robotic friendly thermal plate sealer. A truly robust and reliable heat sealer that delivers unsurpassed levels of speed, performance, flexibility, and ease-of-use. The Kube sealer is suitable for many different plate types and sealing of microplates for storage, PCR or other reactions.



KASP Assays

KASP genotyping is a fluorescence based assay that enables bi-allelic discrimination of SNPs and InDels. KASP requires no labelling of the target primers, giving it a clear cost advantage. It also allows greater flexibility for assay design, which translates into a high success rate and the ability to genotype large InDels.



DNA markers and ladders

GeneWorks offers a variety of DNA ladders with sizes ranging from 20bp to 35kb, providing the right ladder for every application.  All our ladders are suitable for use with pulse-field electrophoresis. A tube containing 2X loading buffer is also supplied for optional use. 



Variable volume pipettes

HTL pipettes were designed with ergonomics, accuracy and precision in mind. These variable volume pipettes are available in single and multi-channel pipettes, in a variety of volumes. Additionally, Starter packs containing the most popular and universal volumes (including accessories) are available.


Cobra liquid handler

The Cobra is a non-contact liquid handler, available in 1 or 4 channels with a dynamic dispensing range (300nL to 5mL) and a low dead volume. It is an ideal PCR tool, allowing low volume reactions and reagent savings while being simple to use and fast.



Mobile laboratory

We are able to provide a custom mobile laboratory, fitted out in a 20 ft container. These mobile labs are climate controlled and includes a Class II biosafety cabinet, work benches and a hand wash station. Suitable for in-field testing and sample processing in logistically challenging situations.

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