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Custom Rapid Molecular Test Kit Development Services

GeneWorks can provide rapid, in-field molecular diagnostic assays for detection of DNA and RNA targets. This service includes:

-  Assay design and laboratory-based assay validation

-  Manufacturing and production of customised, field-deployable assay kits

If you have a unique target, GeneWorks can develop and manufacture kits for your specific assays.


Assay design and validation

Designing assay primers can be challenging, but we can facilitate this process for you. Based on your target gene sequence, we can generate primers which can be provided to you for testing and optimising prior to kit manufacture. Alternatively, we can optimise the assays in our facility. 

GeneWorks can optimise the efficiency and specificity of your assay. We investigate different parameters of your assay to determine the most appropriate formulation of primers and reagents.

We also validate your assay against synthetic controls. This work will ascertain the sensitivity (limit of detection) of your assay, as well as the amplification specificity and lack of cross-reactivity with non-target genes.


Assay kit manufacturing

As part of the kit manufacturing process, we can lyophilise the required reagents and primers into various formats, including bulk reaction tubes, 8-well strips for direct use into Genie® instruments, and 96-well plates. The freeze-drying step prolongs shelf-life of these kits and enables transport under ambient temperatures, making them ideal for in-field use.

To ensure the reproducibility of your assays, we perform QC testing on each manufactured batch of your assay.


What is LAMP?

Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) is a technique to rapidly amplify DNA or RNA targets with high specificity and efficiency under isothermal conditions, with results available in as little as 20 minutes. LAMP Isothermal master mix reagents from OptiGene are the reagent of choice that GeneWorks uses for creating rapid molecular diagnostic assays. LAMP is robust and tolerant of inhibitors that normally impact polymerase performance, meaning sample purification can be minimised with little to no upstream sample preparation.

The speed, ease of use and robustness of LAMP makes the technology ideal for rapid in-field molecular detection of plant, animal and environmental pathogens and pests. This means it can be performed by operators with little to no laboratory training in the field, such as biosecurity officers, veterinary officers and even end-producers to protect Australia’s agricultural industry.

We have developed multiple LAMP assays in partnership with various Australian institutes with these available as off-the-shelf kits. Click here to view the available rapid test kits.


If you need any further help with your LAMP assays, we are also able to offer advice and other products suitable for in-field sample processing, as well as general training on how to perform a LAMP assay. Contact us today for your rapid molecular diagnostic needs.

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