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As part of their portfolio LGC offers solutions unique in the genomics marketplace with respect to being both a laboratory service provider and a developer of proprietary chemistries and instrumentation.

With the largest genotyping laboratory in the world (which recently surpassed over 1 billion genotyping PCRs), LGC solutions are used in a wide range of genomic research areas, across Agrigenomics (including marker-assisted selection (MAS) and breeding (MAB)) and Human Genomics.

LGC’s goal is the development of tools and technologies to enable genomic solutions for use in not only their own service laboratory, but for customers to use in their own laboratories as well.

“We use what we sell and sell what we use”

Through GeneWorks, LGC Genomics offers a convenient range of high quality, fast and flexible genomic products for sample preparation and nucleic acid extraction as well as genotyping.

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