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From our partners at AKOYA, an overview of the exciting developments at the newly launched Queensland Spatial Biology Centre

7th Mar 2024

Medieval maps of the world included drawings of fearsome dragons and sea monsters to warn of uncharted territory. These gaps have long since been filled by dari…
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From our partners at Quanterix, a look at going Beyond Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Biomarkers For Alzheimer’s Disease

8th Feb 2024

Improving Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) diagnosis is the first essential step for improving patient care and quality of life. Early, accurate diagnosis is instrument…
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In field use of Diagnostic loop-mediated isothermal nucleic amplification (LAMP) assay, a crucial tool in responding to the ongoing South Australian Fruit fly outbreak

12th Dec 2023

South Australia has been dealing with outbreaks of Queensland Fruit Fly (Bactrocera tryoni) for several months, the largest of which is currently occurring in…
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From our partners at Hudson Robotics, A Closer Look at the Technology Behind Colony Picking Robots

7th Dec 2023

Colony picking is the most important aspect of identifying microorganisms for many applications. Used mainly to identify different bacteria, colonies are isolat…
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