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Molecular and Cell Biology

Our Products and Services

GeneWorks’ expertise in Molecular and Cell biology is second to none.

Our team of research laboratory trained scientists has been carefully chosen for their experience in key application areas, including genetic analysis, isothermal amplification, PCR, NGS, bioinformatics, gene expression, cancer studies, DNA, RNA, protein, biomarker discovery, immunology and cell biology.

Our Products, from carefully selected Suppliers, offer our customers unique solutions to enable success in their field. Suppliers include Art Robbins Instruments (Scorpion, Cobra, Phoenix), Bioo Scientific (NGS kits, ELISA kits), Brandel (gradient fractionation), EdgeBio (DNA purification), HTL (pipettes), LGC Genomics (KASP genotyping), Nippon Genetics (DNA stains and gel documentation), OptiGene (LAMP isothermal amplification), Panasas (data storage) Quanterix (digital biomarker analysis) and SciGene (FISH solutions).

Our Services include Genotyping, NGS, BioInformatics and Biomarker Validation. Instrumentation services provide expert repair and maintenance, including warranty coverage, of laboratory equipment. We provide professional outcomes for those that prefer to outsource their experimental needs.

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