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Medieval maps of the world included drawings of fearsome dragons and sea monsters to warn of uncharted territory. These gaps have long since been filled by daring explorers, and what was once unknown, has become familiar.Visionary researchers and clinicians using powerful spatial biology tools are doing the same for the vast unknown and uncharted territory in tumors, their microenvironments, and chronic diseases. The location, function, and inter… Read more
Improving Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) diagnosis is the first essential step for improving patient care and quality of life. Early, accurate diagnosis is instrumental in giving people with AD and their families access to support, and the ability to participate in their own care decisions1.Currently, clinicians diagnose AD using a combination of symptom presentation, brain imaging, and the detection of CSF biomarkers for AD. Despite their effective di… Read more
South Australia has been dealing with outbreaks of Queensland Fruit Fly (Bactrocera tryoni) for several months, the largest of which is currently occurring in the Riverland region, several hours north of Adelaide.As this is a dynamic and rapidly evolving outbreak, the use of the Genie III instrument running a bespoke nucleic acid based assay*, together with the service and technical support of GeneWorks has provided vital capability for in… Read more

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