COVID-19 detection in 20 minutes

GeneWorks is hiring in Melbourne

Poster presentation at ANS 2019 on neurological biomarker detection


Learn more about how GeneWorks is expanding business to better serve the Australian and New Zealand research community.

Product Manager position available

New opportunity available

Webinar on Cytokine Assays for COVID-19 Research

GeneWorks Awarded $1.38 Million Federal Government CRC-P Grant

Technical Tip 5

Tired of disappearing marker pens? Tape them under your workbench. Better yet, tape only the lid so that you can easily pull the marker off and slip it back to its hiding place once you’re done. 

Technical Tip 4

If you are setting up multiple PCR reactions in a 96-well plate, the easiest way to keep track when dispensing cDNA is to match the layout of the plate with the layout of your pipette tips. No more panicking if you have forgotten which wells already have cDNA!

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