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Product Code: ANA-800-250

Pack Size: 250 mL

CellCover was developed for fast “one step” stabilisation of biomolecules in life science research. CellCover is a non-toxic formulation, a formaldehyde alternative designed to protect the status of DNA, RNA, and protein expression and gene expression in human and animal cells and solid tissues, including tumors and cultured cells (adherent, suspension, spheroids). DNA, RNA, proteins  and cell morphology are all protected.

As soon as cells are exposed to CellCover their metabolic state is frozen without applying low temperatures- the liquid frozen effect. Synthesis and turnover of bio-molecules are stalled. This includes instant disruption of cellular degradation pathways, making cell fixation by CellCover very fast. Chemical degradation is inhibited with CellCover as well, leading to exceptional protein stabilisation and protein fixation, as well as RNA fixation and DNA fixation. CellCover acts as an DNA and RNA stabiliser and shield, which is beneficial e. g. for analysis by flow cytometry or in NGS or RNA seq approaches. CellCover is a key initial step for successful experiments in genome analysis, transcriptome analysis, and proteomic analysis.

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