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ThermoCell - Heating Unit - Base

Product Code: BIT-HB-202

Pack Size: Each

ThermoCell dry bath units offer 3 base unit options:

- BIT-HB-101 : Heating Only (RT+5°C to 100°C)

- BIT-CHB-202 : Cooling and Heating (5°C to 100°C)

- BIT-MB-102: Mixing (5°C to 100°C)  

All ThermoCell units are compatibale with the various interchangeable block options:

- BIT-BA (40 x 1.5mL) 

- BIT-BB (54 x 0.5mL)

- BIT-BC (96 x 0.2mL)

- BIT-BD (24 x 15mm diameter tubes)

- BIT-BE (Water Bath)

- BIT-BG (Mixed: 26 x 0.5mL + 24 x 1.5mL)

- BIT-BH (40 x 2.0mL)

- BIT-BJ (ELISA Plate)

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