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Chlamydia pecorum test kit, 40 strips

Product Code: KIT-Cpec-40S

Pack Size: 320 rxns

The Koala Chlamydia pecorum Isothermal Master Mix LAMP Assay Kit is designed to simplify detection of C. pecorum infection in koalas. The optimised isothermal reaction mix contains proprietary fast DNA polymerase, thermostable inorganic pyrophosphatase, MgSO4, dNTPs, and dsDNA binding dye (FAM detection channel).

Each kit contains:

- 17 x dried C. pecorum 20X REACTION (Tube A; Red lid)
- 17 x RESUSPENSION BUFFER (Tube B; Yellow lid)
- 20 x C. pecorum mreC POSITIVE CONTROL (Tube C; Clear lid)
- 41 x 8-well Genie® Strips

This is enough to run a total of 320 reactions which includes testing of up to 240 swab samples plus positive and negative controls on each Genie® Strip.

These kits can be manufactured into various formats, including bulk reaction tubes, 8-well strips for direct use into Genie® instruments, and 96-well plates.

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